Our first app, Zeenii, sparks curiosity and empowers kids ages 7-10 to take an active role in their world. Each week the creations of the app community are featured as kids inspire, learn from, and collaborate with their peers. Weekly content shows kids the world big and small, faraway and close to home. Content themes include exploration, travel, history, community, and games, all presented in contexts relatable to kids. Our kid-centric interactive content invites kids to participate in our creative engine using drawing, writing, and photography tools. Interactive features entertain while project ideas encourage kids to create and explore, both on screen and off.

We would like to thank all of the Nicey McNicertons who backed our Indiegogo campaign: Margaret Crocker, Sam Nisson, Dave & Mary Kraft, David Lines, Ariane Coffin, Melinda Fishman, Richard Kulick, Paul Samuels, Tara Singer, Sarah Wallendjack, Judith Mate, Deborah Reber, Lisa Bussinelli, Alice Wilder, Russell G, Lisa Medoff, Nicole Ball, David Ryan Cooper, Carmen Morais, Matt Murrie, Melissa Monroe, William Wilson, The Caruso Kids, Wendy Bronfin, Sharon & Michael, Kelly Knox, M Patricia Titus, Molly Park, Kathleen Moore, The Link Family, The Vollmer Family, Kari Steeves, Allie, Wendy Smolen, Matthew Siden, Janet Revis, Yannai Segal, Donald Wheeler, Connect With Your Teens, as well as several anonymous donors. You rock!